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 delete acc.

Can I delete my accu, if I wont deleted my accu.. ADMIN.. ??? just kidding.. (6 years ago)

i want delete my ownskin account (7 years ago)

Just go f!nd !n google d@t nude p!c e@sy.. (7 years ago)

thank you guys for ur info (7 years ago)

Valentina Good answer nw can u explain whos nude pic she has to upload (7 years ago)

Put nude p!c..e@sy n f@sters  (7 years ago)

Just start abusing every1 n as soon as u get noticed by admin u acc. Will be deleted (may take 5 years of time) or change password n forget that magic word (7 years ago)

how to delete my acc. In ownskin? (7 years ago)

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