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 Be careful

 (6 years ago)

sis its sooo easy to stall any theme content  (8 years ago)

He has some program for stole theme and icon alsoI'm sure he stole my theme bcoz. I crate wallpaper for make theme by myself and never share or postHow he has my wall if he doesn't stole my theme? (8 years ago)

Stupid creator :spin y they not creat their own themes i just stole template but creat my own themes...dear theiff how stupid you are..easy 2 creat themes why you wanna steal another users themes..DAFAQmake you own themes ok  (8 years ago)

cutewolf there is option t edit themes .. so they can edit themes then they can save as ... and 2nd way then can download themes then tehy can extract that them after extract he/she will got all content of that theme ,,. and with that content he can create that smae theme again  (8 years ago)

But how hes stole ur themes? I never heard thems can be stolen?how ked? (8 years ago)

Sis Ked..I want to ask you, please. ^^ (8 years ago)

hey my dear mod are cant see ??/ (8 years ago)

To all theme maker please be careful Abdelftahedres he is thief He stole my theme 2 times How to OS break thief?Will OS punish thief? (8 years ago)

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